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SPECIES: Alligator
Unknown, but far older than he appears
Tribal Shaman
Casting spells, making potions, reading forbidden scrolls
In a cave

This odd fellow is a proud, card-carrying member of the Shamans Union, Local 395. If you happen to hear him reciting something like: "Wing of dragonfly! Poison Oak! A vial of scorpion juice..." don't be alarmed. He isn't cooking up a spell, he's just going over his grocery shopping list.

Although witchdoctors are often seen as dark and mysterious fellows who slink around in their caves casting horrible curses, this particular Shaman likes to lighten the mood with a few off the cuff jokes here and there before he gets down to business. Rather than wondering what you get when you mix scorpion juice with wing of dragonfly, consider what you get when you mix this fellow with two Bullbarians, several rival warlords and the Sands of Fate.

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