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Ribeye The Bullbarian and the Sands of Fate

Written by Harry McLaughlin

Illustrated by Mike Milo

Ribeye the Bullbarian and Sands of Fate is the second in a series of full length kids’ novels written by author Harry McLaughlin and illustrated by Mike Milo. It features the adventures of Ribeye, an Iron Age Bullbarian warrior, and his eight-year-old little brother Cubesteak.

The brothers continue their quest, through the always unpredictable Iron Age world, roaming into the mysterious Warlord Realm and the heart of the Great Calamari Desert. Ribeye must keep his inquisitive young brother out of trouble, while himself avoiding the ever-annoying civilized world. But a conniving warlord has set a trap for the bulls, luring them into a scheme so outrageous it threatens to shake the world to its very foundations.

Cast into the hostile open desert against their will, our heroes must go where no bull has ever gone before, all the while dodging determined foes, and battling against a tribe of deadly poisonous desert vipers. Above all, they must not fall victim to the sweltering sands of fate.

If you enjoy books like Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, the writing of Brian Jacques (Redwall) or Eva Ibbotson, then you'll enjoy the adventures of Ribeye the Bullbarian.

The novel is 190 pages. It is packed with lavishly detailed illustrations by artist extraordinaire, Mike Milo. The novel is written with young adult readers in mind, in a style they will enjoy reading. Experienced readers will enjoy it as well, and parents will love reading this book to their young ones.

Ribeye's Iron Age world is filled with an assortment of strange and wondrous characters, and once more you'll meet many of them in the pages of this book.

From the desert cities like Shangri Llama, to the far off outposts of Khandijar and Kashmule, a parade of larger than life characters awaits your discovery.

Read about the origins of Ribeye and Cubesteak, the creation of the characters by Mike Milo and Harry McLaughlin, and how their designs have changed over the years.
See the original cover for 'The Sands of Fate' and the design and illustration work that went into it.
Several model sheets used to animate Ribeye and Cubesteak. Drawn by Mike Milo
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