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Ribeye is an 18-year-old Bullbarian warrior. He has tremendous strength... there's practically no one stronger than he is. It's almost as though he doesn't know his own strength! Ribeye is a traditional Bullbarian- that means he's proud of his Bullbarian heritage, and he does everything "the Bullbarian way".

There's one thing no true Bullbarian can stand... and that's civilization. Ribeye is no exception! He'd rather sleep on a rock than go anywhere near a soft bed! He'd knock a tree over with his bare fists before he'd use a civvie tool like an axe! Most of all, he can't stand the strange food that civvies eat!

If he had his way, Ribeye would be at home in his native Bullbaria, grazing on the grassy plains as his ancestors before him did- but there's a problem. His father, the great warrior Flanksteak is missing and Ribeye wants to find him. No matter what dangers lay ahead, that's what Ribeye is committed to do.

Ribeye looks after his kid brother Cubesteak. He's very concerned about Cubesteak growing up too 'civilized' and not knowing about his Bullbarian origins. So Ribeye has taken it upon himself to teach Cubesteak the ins and outs of being a true Bullbarian. There are many lessons for both brothers to learn, most of all about life, as the two set out on the perilous quest to find their long lost father.

Cubesteak Filet Mignon Suvlaki Khama The Baron Pigleg
Cubesteak Filet Mignon Suvlaki Khama The Baron Pigleg
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