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Hello and welcome to the Zaptoons website! On this site, I'll feature books, games and toons created by Mike Milo and myself, as well as other fun stuff we find interesting and entertaining. This page is just a little bit about who we at Zaptoons are, and just what the heck a 'Zaptoons' are to begin with.
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Harry McLaughlin is a writer, animator and editor For the past twenty-some years he’s worked for many major Hollywood studios including Hanna-Barbera and Fox Television Animation, on various animated TV shows.

In addition to his career in television animation, he’s worked for various video game companies and written and drawn comic books.

He lives happily in Los Angeles with his lovely wife Leila and son, Leo. He keeps busy developing animation projects with his creative partner Mike as well as writing books.

Mike Milo is an animator/director/producer and artist extraordinaire who’s worked for nearly every major studio in Hollywood including Nickelodeon and Disney.

He’s won several awards for his work, including two Golden Reel Awards and an Emmy Award. He divides his professional time between animation, creating video games and drawing comic books.

During all this busy work, he managed to marry his soul mate Laura, and co-create two beautiful children, Melissa and Megan. He lives in Los Angeles where he’s always busy creating.

I've long had the desire to create a brand of children's and young adult entertainment with a certain 'zap' to it. Zap meaning a unique sort of flair that set it apart from other works. Fantastic stories to fire the boundless imagination children have, as well as appeal to the sense of youthful adventure in folks of every age. The sort of stories I wanted to read myself as a kid, and sought out whenever I could. That core idea remains the essence of what Zaptoons is all about for me.

From the start, Mike and I have shared that same vision. Zaptoons was born in the late 1980's, encapsulating the ‘house style’ for the particular brand of stories we wanted to tell. Our first efforts came in the form of hand-drawn animated projects filmed during our art school days, featuring a crazy cast of characters we wanted to see brought to life. Later, we began drawing comic books, and self-publishing them. We found the comic page to be a perfect vehicle in which to weave unusual tales.

An issue of our comic magazine, Zaptoon Tales from February, 1993

We printed hundreds of copies of "Zaptoon Tales" and populated each issue with the adventures of characters from our animated experiments, like Charlie Hippo. ‘The Bullbarians’ even made an appearance, as did characters that would later show up in films we produced professionally. Mostly our friends, families, and people we gave the issues to at comic conventions in New York and San Diego were our only audience, but it was just the thrill of telling a tale that motivated us. The experience led to our doing mass-market comics, such as stories for the popular Simpsons series. Our storytelling developed enough to spin yarns with ‘zap’ for real, for game companies, and various animation studios.

The written page is just as graphic and just as entertaining a canvas for the reader’s mind as the comic page and the TV screen. This fuels the drive to bring the 'zap' to books written and illustrated with our core goals in mind. I want to write the sort of books I would have loved to find on a bookshelf when I was a kid. That's what a Zaptoon is all about. HM

A project called Dimension Soup about a gang of Dodos that escape extinction by fleeing into other dimensions
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