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Ribeye the Bullbarian- a great book for kids!Ribeye The Bullbarian and the Jewel of Baloni

Written by Harry McLaughlin

Illustrated by Mike Milo

Ribeye The Bullbarian and the Jewel of Baloni is a full length kids novel written by author Harry McLaughlin and illustrated by Mike Milo, featuring the adventures of Ribeye, an Iron Age Bullbarian warrior, and his eight-year-old little brother Cubesteak!

The brothers depart the rolling green pastures of Bullbaria on a quest to find their long lost father. Their journey is a perilous one: they must battle hoof to hoof against cutthroat pirates, and learn to survive amid every Bullbarian's worst nightmare... civilization!

Ribeye and CubesteakWhen the evil wizard Suvlaki develops a major beef against them, the steaks are raised to dangerous heights, and the brothers must struggle to thwart the dark secrets of the fabled Jewel of Baloni!

If you enjoy books like Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, the writing of Brian Jacques or Eva Ibbotson, then you'll enjoy this book, the first adventure of Ribeye The Bullbarian.

The novel is 240 pages, and illustrated by animation artist Mike Milo. It is written in a style that younger readers will be comfortable with, and that older readers can enjoy as well.

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The Iron Age world that Ribeye inhabits is filled with exotic far-off lands, populated by an assortment of colorful characters.

Take a journey with the Bullbarians, and meet a few of the characters that show up in the book, from such fantastic places as Pastafazool, the Island of Bananastan, and the Chimichangan Empire!

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Our greatest satisfaction has been hearing what others, particularly kids, have said after they've read the book. Ralph, age 11 from New Jersey writes: "This was an awesome book. I really enjoyed the characters. There are a lot of pictures as well, and they are really well drawn too."

Jonna from California writes: "I have a 6 year old son and as we read the book together he couldn't wait to get to the next page. The story is captivating as we learn about Ribeye and Cubesteak as they go through their adventures."

Michele from Virginia called it: "...a fun, feel-good, family book! My son giggled as much as his dad and I at the antics of these wonderful characters"

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